The Real Problem with Muslim Refugees

Photo courtesy of Dying Regime. Used by permission.

On January 4, 2016, actress Susan Sarandon shared on the program “The View” about her experience with Syrian refugees in Greece.  She described their plight, and ended her talk with this question: “Down the line, we’re going to look at this crisis and we’re going to say ‘where were we?’”  You can find it here. […]

Paris & More – Part 1

Paris Shootings

WHERE HAVE WE BEEN? WHERE ARE WE NOW? Calamity Day November 13, 2015 – 4:30 pm Pacific Time. Terrorist attacks are still ongoing in Paris, France, as I write this… One CNN reporter says, “We cannot discern any iconic target in these attacks…” I am baffled at how the West is still slow in grasping […]

What I Learned from Worshiping With Egypt’s Christians

Coptic Quarter in Cairo

This article at provides an interesting window into a branch of Christianity that is often unknown to evangelicals. The Western church responded in grief and solidarity when ISIS representatives beheaded 21 men on a beach in Libya several months ago. The victims were targeted for being “People of the Cross,” members of the Coptic […]